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Miliaku Nwabueze

Twice As Good, In Cooperation
Atlanta, GA
Miliaku is currently completing her MFA in Transdisciplinary Design at Parsons at The New School. Her experience with working humans spans across corporate america, non-profits, grassroots organizations, cooperatives, and a multitude of different projects and initiatives. She has familiarity with software design, transition design, finance, pedagogical and curriculum development, and project management. In her work, she has witnessed the potential of relationships to maintain the status quo and to subvert it. In building consciousness around her blackness and queerness, she has developed tools and frameworks she hopes will help us deviate from reformist patterns and enter "right" relationships with each other and all earthlings. As a staunch abolitionist, she believes in rethinking everything and incorporates design methodologies into (un)making. Often sitting with creation and destruction as a singular force, Miliaku often provides "out-of-bounds" thinking to push herself and those around her into spaces rooted in liberatory thought and practices.

Twice As Good, In Cooperation aims to create the transformative container for subversive human relationships. We are being with each other and the multispecies to participate in the plural modes of anti-capitalist resistance and transformation.
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